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Cameroon Signs Accord with Chinese Company for Granite Exploitation in Batouri

Batouri, Granite exploitation site

The green light was given by the Minister of Mines, Industry and Technological Development Gabriel Dodo Ndoke during a visit to the region on 27 December 2022.

The granite, a plutonic rock with a grainy texture characterized by its constitution of minerals such as quartz, potassium feldspars and plagioclases, micas and present on the site of Domeman by Batouri in the east of Cameroon, will be exploited by the Chinese company Gaoda International Investment Trading. On a working visit to the region on December 27, Gabriel Dodo Nkoke, Minister of Mines, Industry and Technological Development  launched the exploitation of this mineral often considered as low value because of its low price on the raw materials market.

For Huang Jianbing, CEO of Gaoda International Investment Trading Sarl, the choice of this site is not accidental because of the “purity” that differentiates the granite extracted here from other sites already exploited until now. For this characteristic, “there is material for an exploitation for about 50 years,” says Cameroon Tribune.


This new commitment of the Chinese company could therefore be part of a logic to possess more materials to carry out its processing activities. In May 2021, International Investment Trading Sarl launched a stone processing plant in Nkolondom by Nyom II in the city of Yaounde with a capacity of 5,000 tons per day at an investment cost of 4.5 billion F. The production of paving stones, tombstones, and interior and exterior cladding materials are among other projects of this company.

Published on 03.01.2023

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