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Cameroon: Six internally displaced children kidnapped in Fongo Tongo

At least seven children from have been kidnapped by unidentified gunmen in the locality of Fongo Tongo, Menoua Division of the West region, sources have said.

The children, five girls and a boy, were kidnapped on April 7 at their farm where their mother sent them for harvest, sources said.

The children are all aged between 8 and 18 years and had reportedly taken refuge in Fongo Tongo with their mother after fleeing the residence in Lebialem as a result of regular clashes between soldiers and armed separatist fighters.

Sources say their kidnappers have reportedly demanded a 10 million Francs CFA ransom from the family.

The kidnapped children are; Akonkem Prucenia (11), Toukem Ramelie (13), Asongfack Mercy (14), Thembous Charly (14), Nangssack Werbert (15) and Djeussack Geannick (18).

Their mother recounts she had sent the children to the farm before travelling to Douala for a funeral but could not find them upon her return and only realised the children had been kidnapped when she got to the farm and saw their working tools.

The Divisional Officer of Fongo Tongo Ndongana Blaise says security forces are exploring various options and actively searching for the children.

Administrative and security authorities in the locality which shares boundary with the restive South West region have not totally ruled out the option of a kidnap by suspected separatist fighters who have previously carried out sporadic raids in the area.



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