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Cameroon: SNWOT condemns atrocities by Ambazonia fighters on women in NW region

The South West North West Women’s Taskforce has condemned the atrocities committed by some armed men ion women and children in the North West region.

Video emerged on Wednesday morning showing armed men suspected to be Ambazonia fighters molesting some women and children in a locality that has reportedly been identified as Bali.

The video has drawn widespread condemnation from many with the SNWOT condemning the acts and calling for the shaming of those who have condemned such acts.

The women said in a statement:

“Images coming from Bali have revealed the extent to which women and children suffer in times of crisis. The violence that is pepertrated on women is unacceptable and should be unequivocally condemned by all human rights Activists,” the SNWOT said.

“The South West and North West Women’s Task Force is aggrieved by visible acts of violence on mothers by their own children. This is not the culture of the people, for children to beat up their mothers. We call on all men and boys involved in this crisis to shame those who have committed these acts and bring them to Justice.

Published on 03.01.2023

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