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Cameroon soldiers did not torch houses in Kumbo, gov’t says

The government of Cameroon has debunked reports claiming soldiers burnt down houses this week in Kumbo, Bui division of the North West region of Cameroon.

Communication Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi in a communiqué dismissed such allegations insisting soldiers in the area were rather protecting the population.

The Minister said soldiers were rather alerted on the night of February 16-17 of the presence of separatist fighters in Kumbo who were terrorising the population.

Soldiers immediately intervened, chasing away the attackers before targeting and destroying their hideouts or any place that served as refuge for them.

While praising the efforts of the soldiers, Rene Sadi insisted they  never burnt down the houses of the local population.

The government’s reaction is coming days after at least 30 houses were burnt in Kumbo, Mbuluf and neighbouring villages leaving several families homeless with others taking refuge in the bushes.

Local have since accused soldiers of the Cameroon army of indiscriminately carrying out the burnings.



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