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Cameroon: Soldiers rescue passengers freed along Buea-Kumba road

Passengers along the Bue-Kumba at a standstill (File photo)

Elements of the Rapid Intervention Batallion, BIR on Tuesday rescued about 80 passengers who were kidnapped by unidentified gunmen along the Buea-Kumba road.

A security source confirmed all the passengers had been released after an operation was launched immediately after their abduction and confirmed non was harmed though most of them lost valuable items.

The passengers who were travelling in commutters and mini buses were stopped just after Muyuka and all ordered to step down and were later taken to the bushes were their valuable items like phones and money were seized from them.

This paralysed traffic along the Buea-Kumba highway alerting defence forces who immediately launched a search and succeeded to rescue the passengers before clearing the road.

The rescue mission went deep into Wednesday as gunshots were heard in Muyuka but it is difficult to determine if there wer casualties.



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