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Cameroon: Soldiers tussle with teachers over corpse of colleague

It has been a tight day at the Melen neighbourhood in Yaounde as soldiers attempt to contain teachers at the corpse removal of their colleague, Maurice Tchakounte who was stabbed to death on January 14 by a student.

Hundreds of teachers gathered in front of the mortuary of the Yaounde Teaching Hospital, CHU, on Thursday morning for the removal of the corpse but it soon became a tussle with soldiers.

According to our reporter on the ground, the teachers have demanded the corpse be handed to them for procession to the Advanced Teachers’ Training College, ENS Yaoune, where the fallen teacher will be given academic honours.

This demanded was however not yielded to by authorities in place, leading to long hours of argument between authorities and various representatives of teachers’ unions.

An agreement was finally reached for the teachers to lead the corpse to church where a service is supposed to hold before heading home, our reporter says.

However, the corpse remained grounded at the EMIA roundabout, Melen neighbourhood with reports coming in indicating, security forces have been trying to disperse the crowd with water.

The forces finally succeeded to disperse the teachers gathered with water before the hearse carrying the corpse drove off …. to a yet to be identified location.

We are monitoring events in town as they unfold….

Meanwhile, the initial funeral programme for the deceased teacher indicates that he corpse will be removed from the CHU and taken to Lycée Nkolbisson for academic honours before a brief stop at his family residence and a church service at the Evangelical Church in Messa, Mokolo.

Still according to the programme, the corpse was supposed to leave for Melong today at 2pm where a funeral mass while be held tomorrow before departing for his native Bazou where an all night vigil is supposed to hold. The programme indicates the teacher is supposed to be burried in his village on Saturday morning.


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