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Cameroon: Soldiers urged to stay alert in fight against Coronavirus

Soldiers have been urged to stay on their guard and be ready to when called up on any mission in the fight against the COVID-19.

The call was made by the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence Joseph Beti Assomo on Friday, April 17 while visiting the Military Headquarters Brigade to inspect the operation to launch face masks by the military.

Here, Joseph Beti Assomo met over 100 soldiers and civilians active in the warehouses with the production process, cutting and assembling the materials for final production.

The Minister of Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence was informed that the production unit has a capacity of producing at least 2500 protective gears per day with the capacity of doubling the figures in the weeks ahead. He was equally reassured the protective gears are produced with strict respect to the norms as prescribed by the National Standards and Norms Agency, ANOR.

“We produce these masks entirely with cotton. We also make them with polystyrene (????). We then send the pieces to the military health department, which validates them before we start manufacturing, ” Lieutenant Sinfack, head of the central workshop said.

Beginning today, the production unit will be able to produce at least 5000 masks, Lieutenant Sinfack reassured the Minister.

After going through the workshop, Minister Joseph Beti Assomo expressed satisfaction and encouraged the workers to keep up with the work. He stressed the military must actively stand by the nation in this health crisis and be ready to assist at any given point in time.

“From what I have observed, I congratulate all the civil and military personnel working tirelessly on these machines to produce these masks. I would also like to extend the work days and know that you do not have a weekend because the pandemic does not stop its progression.

Masks are important to the military. The defense and security forces are responsible for overseeing the implementation of certain government measures. These personnel must protect themselves. They must not go to the field without protecting themselves; it would be extremely dangerous for them, “said the defense boss.

After visiting the centre, the Minister moved to the Yaounde Military Hospital to Minister Joseph Beti Assomo saluted the soldiers for their bravery in defending the territorial integrity of the nation against insurgents on all fronts.

He reassured them of the Head of State’s constant support to them and their families as well as extending a speedy recovery to them.

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