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Cameroon Solemnizes 64 years Since Um Nyobe’s Assassination by France

Um Nyobe

On the occasion of this sad anniversary, a book has just been published in his honour.

13 September 1958 – 13 September 2022, 64 years ago Mpodol Ruben Um Nyobe was assassinated. At a time when Cameroonian nationalists are commemorating the execution of one of the most illustrious fathers of Cameroon’s independence, a book has just been dedicated to him: “Ruben Um Nyobe, the father of Cameroon’s independence: from his fight to his death 17 December 1952 – 13 September 1958“, is the title of the booklet written by Jean Jacques Biya II, a militant of the Union of the Peoples of Cameroon (Upc) and a committed writer.

Actu Cameroon reports that , the book, which was signed on September 12th  in Yaounde. This is a document of political history for the younger generation, which is not only unaware of the national heroes who have contributed to the foundation of Cameroonian political history, but more importantly, this document is a collection of historical facts.

This is the observation made by Jean Jacques Biya II. The retired senior civil administrator starts from the general idea that “to say that the political history of Cameroon is not taught to our children in school curricula is an open secret. Even if by chance, one were to spot some history textbooks on the shelves of bookstores referring to the Franco-British colonization of Ruben Um Nyobe’s country, “these,” maintains the committed writer, “are generally written in a laudatory style, These books,” the committed writer argues, “are generally written in a laudatory, even dithyrambic style, which only relate the history of the victors, in this case that of the imperialist administration over the indigenous Cameroonians who tried to resist the colonial power, the mother country during the war of liberation of Cameroon.

Published on 03.01.2023

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