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Cameroon: Solution to Anglophone crisis found ‘only at the negotiating table’-Russia says

The best solution to the crisis rocking Cameroon’s Anglophone Regions can only be found through negotiation by both parties, Russia has said.

Cameroon’s English-speaking regions have been in a conflict that is drawing in its fourth year with soldiers battling armed separatist fighters who want to form a break away state which the call Ambazonia.

Discussing the situation in Cameroon and the Central African sub region last weekend at the UN Security Council, the Russian Mission to the UN said the crisis in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions has a deep historical roots and can only be solved on the ‘negotiating table’.

#Polyanskiy: We closely follow the developments in #Cameroon. The issue of #Anglophone provinces didn’t arise yesterday. It has deep historical roots. A solution can be found only at the negotiating table, while observing #HumanRights and ensuring the #RuleOfLaw. #Africa,”the Russian Mission to the UN tweeted.

This outing from Russia is in contrast to their previous positions on the crisis as Russia has always maintained a neutral stance and kicking against any foreigh intervention in the crisis in Cameroon.

In March, after an audience with the Minister of External Relations, the Russian Ambassador to Cameroon, Anatoly Bashkin said there was no humanitarian emergency in Cameroon.

He stressed that his country is against any foreign intervention in the affairs of Cameroon and praised Cameroonians for successfully participating at the Municipal and Legislative elections on February 9.

Published on 05.05.2023

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