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Cameroon: Sonacam unveils new vision in management of authors’ rights

The Cameroon Musical Arts Coporation, SONACAM has called on artistes and potential members to adhere to the new vision of the structure which is aimed at going digital in order to better manager author’s rights.

The call was made by the head of the structure Aw’wall Bakari  last weekend in Yaounde during a meeting to chart a way forward for the association.

The meeting brought together SONACAM administrators, experts in the management of authors’ rights and other stakeholders as they looked at ways of improving the structure’s functioning.

To start with, Aw’wall Bakari said a strong and vibrant SONACAM can only be possible if artistes adhere and become very active as is seen elsewhere.

He said the main challenge for the structure is now to align to international norms which warrant that they acquire a database, have a functioning and updated website as well as acquire the best digital tools used in managing financial benefits for authors’ rights.

He said all these will help establish a reciprocal link with similar structures in other countries but requires the commitment of all stakeholders.

It was also an opportunity for participants to express their views with one of them, DJ Carel, urging SONACAM to hold such sessions on a regular basis in order to better educate them on the authors’ rights and the necessity to adhere to the structure.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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