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Cameroon – Southwest : “Students/Pupils must wear Uniforms” Chamberlain Ntou’ou

Chamberlain Ntou'ou

Meme’s Divisional officer Chamberlain Ntou’ou Ndong instructs departmental delegates of Basic Education, Secondary Education, as well as the heads of vocational schools  to enforce  these directives.

In a letter dated 5 September, the DO instructed these officials to refer to the heads of schools so that they only let in “students in school uniform“. “A grace period is granted from 5 to 20 September 2022,” said the administrative authority, for whom this measure aims to avoid criminals in schools in the Meme Division . The DO does not however specify how the absence of uniforms contributes to insecurity in schools.

Since the genesis of the Anglophone crisis in late 2016, schools have been regular targets of attacks by separatist militias. In October 2020, a group of assailants attacked the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy, killing eight students. And in February this year, Ambazonia Restoration Forces (ARF) militiamen claimed responsibility for an attack on the Queen of the Rosary College Okoyong in Mamfe, without causing any casualties.

Published on 03.01.2023

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