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Cameroon : State Grants 56 Million CFA Francs As Institutional Support To Private Media 

The Minister of Communication, René Emmanuel Sadi announced disclosed the budget on 2 February 2023.


For the 2023 financial year, the State is allocating an envelope of 56 million CFA francs to 76 eligible privately-owned media outlets. These organs are of two categories, namely 70 print media organs and 6 online media. The Minister of Communication gave the information on Thursday 2 February during the 4th session of the National commission for the examination of applications for support to the press with private capital for the year 2022.

According to René Emmanuel Sadi, this reduced amount of the envelope is due to the effects of multiple crises that the world is going through and which are hurting the economy. The government member reassured that efforts will continue so as to raise the amount of the envelope as in the past.

A few years ago, this support varied between 150 and 300 million CFA francs. In 2021, the government has allocated 120 million CFA francs for institutional support to the private press, to be shared among 90 media outlets.

In 2020, the envelope amounted to 240 million CFA francs. Between 2020 and 2022, there is a decrease of about 184 million CFA francs. However, the press bosses united in the Cameroon Press Bosses Network are pleading for better support for the private press by granting a subsidy of between two and three billion CFA francs.



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