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Cameroon: Students anxiously await GCE results

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Weeks after students across the country sat in for the various official end-of-year examinations, the time has come for some to count their harvests as others wait in anxiety.

It is the case with some students of Terminale of the Francophone sub system of education who have since last weekend been basking in their successes at the Baccalaureat exams which were recently released by the Office du Baccalaureat du Cameroun, OBC.

According to official statistics from the OBC, the Baccalaureat Général witnessed a drop as compared to last year, there was relative success in the other sectors, notably 76,8 percent in the Baccalauréat industriel, 82,6%  in the Brevet de Technicien and 83,64% in the Brevet professionnels industriels.

As the successful candidate continue to celebrate while looking forward to their next steps, their peers in the Anglophone sub system of education are anxiously waiting for the results of the GCE exams as the marking exercise which started last week continues unperturbed in the Bua and Bamenda marking centres.

The next step

The joy that comes with succeeding during the exams is usually short-lived for some students who face the task of choosing a career path going forward.

“I want to become a software engineer and hope to write my own software programs in the future,  that is why I want to read computer engineering,” Floret Ngo, a student in Yaounde who just succeeded in the Baccalaureat exams said.

With his peers, they have been attending preparatory classes ahead of the entrance exams into the National Advanced School of Engineering, even before the Baccalaureat results were released.

On her part, Calipride, a student awaiting her GCE result is not yet settled on what she wants to read in the university but has been compiling her documents to go seek admission at the University of Buea, pending her results.

“I am still divided between reading law or political science. When I must have made a choice, I will complete my application as I continue waiting for (the GCE) results and I am confident I will make it,” she said.

Published on 03.01.2023

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