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Cameroon students develop first eco-friendly vehicle

Students from the polytechnic school in Far North Maroua, have developed the first “made in Cameroon” eco-friendly vehicle.

The mechanical engineering students at the national polytechnic school presented the vehicle to the Minister of Youth and Civic Education Mounouna Foutsou on August 12.

The vehicle was created as means to limit the damages caused by rapidly growing environmental pollution. They explained that recycled material and an imported engine was used to develop the car. The vehicle has 5 sits and can run for an automated distance of 90km.

According to its designers, it is capable of carrying up to 250 kg, runs on an average distance of 80km a hour, has a modern electronic material, and is accessible to all types of roads.

Speaking to an online news site, Michel Ange Ivain Takodjou Nguemto, one of the developers of the eco-friendly vehicle, says, designing the project took five years, while assembling the parts took only six months.

He urged the government and people of good will to technically support the initiative which they say will help enhance the economy of the country.


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