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Cameroon: Students urged to be responsible social media users

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University students in Cameroon have been urged to have critical minds toward all what is posted on social networks so as to tap the positive side of it.

The call was made by the Minister of State, Minister of higher education Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo yesterday as he launched the 10th edition of the Cameroon University Student’s Forum in Yaounde.

Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo acknowledged the importance of the social media especially in the university milieu, but called on the students to be vigilant and alert so as to differentiate what is useful to misinformation.

He demanded of them to always be critical vis a vis any information they see on social media and question themselves whether it is worth reposting.

The two day forum which ended today was holding under the theme “Youths and the social media: How to optimize the creative potential of students of Cameroonian Universities and had as main aim to educate the students toward a responsible and civic use of the social media.



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