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Cameroon : Sultan Nabil Mbombo Njoya Craves for Peace after Clashes between Bamoun , Tikar

Sultan Of Bamoun Nabil Mbombo Njoya Mohammed

Sultan Nabil Mbombo Njoya of the Bamoun extended a peaceful hand  his counterpart of Ngambé-Tikar.


The two rulers exchanged a fraternal embrace. A  gesture which  aimed at bringing peace to this district of the Tikar plain where the belongings of the Bamoun people were ransacked and even burned during the weekend. The sultan even insisted on saying that Bamoun and Tikar are the same people.

It all started with an incident that took place last weekend in the Magba sub division, during a tour by the Sultan. The Sultan’s bodyguards violently attacked Ngamon Soulé, leader of the Tikar community, for calling their leader ‘my son’. Witnesses add that these guards also ransacked Ngamon Soulé’s palace. In retaliation, the Tikar population took to the streets in Ngambé-Tikar, Magba and Bankim.

For Sultan Nabil Mbombo Njoya, these deplorable events are the fault of “troublemakers” who set fire to the beams. He hopes that the administrative authorities will catch them. It is difficult to know if these authorities are working in this direction. But what is certain is that they have contributed to calming the game between Bamoun and Tikar in the department of Noun by guaranteeing the security of goods and people. And by encouraging the chiefs to multiply acts of peace.

Some elites of the Noun division has it that , this peace extension by the Sultan might just be for the eyes of the public and to appease both camps, but deeper roots needs to be handled  so that sincere fraternity can reign between both ethnic groups as the situation is still delicate. Despite this apparent calm, suspicion between the two communities still reigns. Both traditional rulers calls on authority for surveillance and order in both territories.


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