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Cameroon : Supporters Break Out in Streets After Lions Victory

supporters are happy
Fans express joy

The Lions Qualification to the FIFA World Cup led to an immediate scene of joy and excitement as Cameroonians across the nation match into streets chanting.

Douala seemed to be the most noisy of towns on Tuesday 29th at 11pm. Lights still beaming from houses, bars and clubs filled with fans celebration and cars patrolling the roads.

Bonamoussadi, a popular neighborhood in Douala kept its doors opens though out the night. This includes petty shops, “ Andrè Onana is the deal, he is the man of the match” are words gotten from this fan base .

Ngaoundere, a town known for its quietness and order made an exception prior to this victory. Whistles, bikes riding and chants shaken the neighborhood.

The capital city did not remain indifferent. Many ran through streets hitting pots and other metals. Expressing lots of emotions and applauding the performance of the Lions .

Not far from a bakery located in Jouvence , a taxi driver is seen parking his car, climbing on it and dances in all joy.

The Northwest and Southwest regions did not seem to be a foreign land. Molyka, Buea , was englobed by “ Mbole “ beats from various joints.

A feeling and experience most Cameroonians will never forget. This qualifiers represented for many, a final turn to test the readiness of the Indomitable Lions .

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