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Cameroon : Suspected Killers of Martinez Zogo Arrested


The Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic announced in a communique that the  suspected murderers are held in detention. No figures nor names were revealed.

In the communiqué signed on 2 February by Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh highlighted  that several people suspected of having participated in the “heinous” murder of Martinez Zogo have been arrested.

The hearings underway and the legal proceedings that will follow will make it possible to delimit the degree of involvement of some and others and to establish the identity of all those involved in one way or another in the assassination of Martinez Zogo,” wrote the SGPR.

Regarding this case, we recall that the gendarmerie opened an investigation last week, in collaboration with the General Delegation of National Security (DGSN), and “on very high instructions of the President of the Republic,” as we read in a letter sent by Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh to Galax Etoga, Secretary of State for Defence, in charge of the gendarmerie.

It is therefore this commission that is at work. Its investigations are ongoing to find other suspects, as indicated by the SGPR. This will undoubtedly lead to further arrests.

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