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Cameroon: Suspected separatists kill man in restive North West region

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Suspected separatist fighters are reported to have brutally murdered a man for allegedly renting out the house to soldiers in the locality Bamendakwe in the Mezam Division of the North West region of Cameroon, reports have said.

According to reports, in a video that went viral, the man identified as Asobo was questioned by a group of people who identified themselves as separatists on the presence of soldiers in his premises.

Going by reports on the video, Asobo tried to give explanations, but the men, visibly not convinced by his responses, went ahead and tortured him very well before killing him in cold blood.

Just like Asobo, since the beginning of the Anglophone crisis, many people trapped in between the wrath and confrontations between Ambazonia fighters and the forces of law and order have lost their lives.

Months ago, the government announced a Swiss-led dialogue with separatist leaders which is yet to yield fruits.


Published on 28.04.2020

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