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Cameroon : Synthetic Wigs Price Ascends

In cosmetic shops  or other commercial areas, these beauty accessories are now costing 2,200F.

A packet of wicks which at the beginning of the year was sold at 1,500 F, today amounts to 2,200 F. An increase that was quite predictable. Prices have been increasing on the market for a few months now; they had first gone to 1.700F then to 2.000F and now 2.200F.
For many traders, this price inflation, they are not the direct cause of this increase. They explain buying the wicks at high costs from wholesalers. A situation making many women to adapt their hairstyle to the current context, “at the time when the package of highlights cost 1,500F, I could afford to do a hairstyle that I like. Now I have to reuse several wicks,” explains a lady I met in a commercial area.
Others, in this case, likely hairdressers, have set up new offers where she offers, for example, American braids with other services including nails, facial care, and labor included in 10.000F. A situation far from happy Carole Ndjeng, a hairdresser in Yaounde, “when a client comes with a model, you have to haggle a lot to agree on the price of the hairstyle since that of the highlights is included.”

Published on 05.05.2023

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