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Cameroon: Teacher arrested for allegedly raping 18 minors in Douala

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A class six teacher identified as Kevin Buma is currently under police custody for allegedly raping 18 minors of his primary school in Bonabome, Ndobo in Douala IV Subdivision in the Littoral region of Cameroon.

According to Kounj Jean Marie, commander of the Gendarmerie research unit where Kevin Buma is been detained, the latter has admitted he raped 18 minors from his school whose age range varies from 10 to 14.

Confessing that he began raping the young girls since November 2019, Kevin Buma, himself a father of three kids is said to have claimed to be controlled by supernatural powers pushing him into committing the act.

Reports hold that the parents of the raped kids have been urged by the School administration to take their kids to the hospital for a thorough check up.

In the meantime, the Gendarmerie Research Unit in Bonaberi, Douala has opened an investigation into the rape case.

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