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Cameroon-Teacher Strike: Government To Dismantle OTS Movements

paul atanga

The Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, has instructed his staff to proceed with the arrest of the leaders of the illegal movements.

The incessant calls for the continuation of the strike by the movements “On a trop SuffertOTS and “On a trop AttenduOTA have aroused the anger of the Minister of Territorial Administration Minat.

In a letter dated 06 May 2022, Paul Atanga Nji asked the regional governors to identify and question the “pseudo-representatives and members of the OTS-OTA movements“. According to the government member, there are several reasons for this operation.

Firstly, ‘‘it appears that the OTS-OTA movements have about a hundred representatives. This confirms the illegal nature of the movements, coupled with the fact that the government is confronted each time with new interlocutors with additional demands,” the letter reads.

Then, ”some teachers who claim to be part of the “OTS” and “OTA” movements were caught in the middle of a meeting with leaders of political parties and NGOs. The subject of the exchanges had nothing to do with the grievances of teachers, but rather political projects of an insurrectionary nature,” reveals the Minat.

Finally, Paul Atanga Nji reminds us that the government is working to address the concerns raised by teachers. “It is clear that the measures prescribed by the Head of State are already perceptible for many teachers through the months of March and April.

Upon reading this correspondence, the members of the movements concerned produced a reply dated 09 May 2022. In this other communiqué circulating through social networks, OTA, OTS and their allies “take note of the letter of 06 May 2022 from the Minister of Territorial Administration“. While thanking him for having questioned the infiltrators of their movements, they specify that none of their members have been questioned.

They also said that “the representatives of OTS are not maquisards or hidden people. Our demands are legal and legitimate. The measures taken by the government are insufficient“. According to the communiqué, the arrest of the representatives of these different movements “would be an umpteenth attack on the rights of teachers and the right to strike, and this will lead to no school or pedagogical activity”, they announced.

In view of this reaction, the denounced movements do not intend to back down in the face of what they call “government intimidation“. Relying on the legitimacy of their demands, they intend to go all the way.

Published on 05.05.2023

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