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Cameroon – Teacher’s Strike : Government Provide Permanent Solutions

Government Sitting for Teacher's movement, OTS OTA

On the eve of the start of school reopening, scheduled for Monday, September 5th, four members of government met in Yaounde for a press briefing concerning a response to teacher’s plea.

They are the Ministers of Secondary Education, Basic Education, Public Service and Administrative Reform and that of Communication. On the occasion, René Emanuel Sadi returned to the measures already taken by the government to meet the demands of teachers who threaten to observe another strike movement.

For secondary school teachers, united in the On a trop supporté (OTS) to carry a score of claims, the government says it has ensured :

The financial support of all secondary school teachers still under the principle of 2/3 on the one hand, and the allocation of the housing allowance to all staff of the Ministry of Secondary Education who did not benefit from it on the other hand, for a monthly cost of CFAF 1.5 billion each month and this, since March 2022.

The financial support of 4,711 public agents of the Ministry of Secondary Education, including 3,966 teachers of the class of 2021, between March and August 2022, who were previously covered for 2/3.

The processing of grade advancements for 4,924 staff of this same ministerial department with grade advancement certificates, and 10,382 step advancements for a monthly cost of CFAF 484 million. The updating of the payment of 139,729 step advances signed before 1 April 2022 for 64,839 staff at a monthly cost of CFAF 1.6 billion.

The settlement since May 2022, of CFAF 3.5 billion each month, of the debt owed for reminders, evaluated at CFAF 54.5 billion. To date, 14 billion CFA francs have already been paid. With regard to primary and nursery school teachers, who are members of the On a trop attendu (OTA) movement, the government says that it has made

The payment of housing allowances to 3,093 staff and the financial support of 1,322 contractual teachers, as well as the beginning of the payment of the related arrears, for an amount of CFAF 3.5 billion out of a debt evaluated at CFAF 6.1 billion. The payment of financial effects linked to the integration of 13,585 contractual primary school teachers with integration certificates, for a monthly financial impact of 387 million CFA francs. The reminders linked to these integrations as well as the advancement in step and grade will be cleared from January 2023.

On the administrative front, the Minister of Communication, Emmanuel Sadi, reveals that the government has set up a fast-track procedure for the processing of integration files, which has been reduced to a maximum of three months. This has enabled the processing of 22,967 files to date.

It was also a question of simplifying the procedures for processing files, by introducing a digital reception and archiving protocol extended to the regional delegations; of abolishing the system of rapid advances of pay; of recruiting trained technical education teachers awaiting integration; of taking over the direct pay of teachers in service in regions affected by armed conflicts and of processing all integration files and reclassifying personnel from the teaching corps who were previously pending.

In view of all these statements, Minister Sadi believes that this is not the time for blackmail, for a certain misguided bidding war, which some people want to stir up through new demands that are both untimely and inappropriate. The government member called on “all actors and stakeholders to create and consolidate together the best conditions for a peaceful start to the school year, free from disruptions.

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