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Cameroon: Teenager drowns after heavy rains in Buea

A teenager has drowned in Buea following heavy downpour that flooded the city on Saturday April 4.

The teenager, eyewitnesses say, drowned in a flooded gutter in the Buea Town neighbourhood as he has playing under the rain with his peers

In an attempt to retrieve his flip-flops that had fallen in the gutter, the teenager was carried away by the heavy water currents before his neck got trapped beneath the gutter.

Screams of his peers alerted neighbours who rushed to the scene and pulled out the child from the gutter, struggling to reanimate him but it was too late as he had given up the ghost even before an ambulance could arrive to rush him to the hospital. The mortal remain was transported to mortuary of the Buea Regional Hospital where it has been kept.

“My heart aches at the news of the drowning of a young citizen of Buea following the heavy downpour (Saturday) morning. My prayers are with the family,” Honourable Malomba Essembe, Member of Parliament for the Buea Urban Constituency said in a Facebook post.

The heavy downpour in the city of Buea on Saturday is the second in just under two weeks after that of March 24 that led to the destruction of property.

The Mayor of Buea, David Mafany Namange immediately held a crisis meeting to address the issue and resolved to demolish some buildings that had been erected on waterways.

The operation took him to parts of the Soppo market, parts of Clerks Quarters and the GRA while others were given ultimatum to demolish before the next operation.

Published on 28.04.2020

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