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Cameroon: Telcar and Cargill reward cocoa farmers

The award ceremony and end-of-training diplomas were held this Monday, September 24 at the head office of Telcar company in Douala.

It was a day of joy for over 200 cocoa farmers drawn from the Center, South and South West regions who received their prizes and end of training diplomas.

They have now integrated the community of over 1,735,000 farmers already trained as part of the « Coop Academy Project » while 48,000 other farmers are currently undergoing training.

This « Coop Academy Project » teaches farmers how to manage their business as a full-fledged company and is the result of a partnership between the multinational Cargill and Telcar Cocoa Company Ltd.

In her keynote speech, Telcar Cocoa Chief Executive Officer Kate Kanyi Tomeyi outlined the positive impact of this program on farmers’ performance.

She also pointed out some of them who have not only increased their production, but also improved the quality of their crops since joining the ‘’Coop Academy Project’’.

This is the case of Zogo Paul, from Ntui who can boast of 11 hectares of cocoa farm. In three years, he has gone from an annual production of 409,000 kg of cocoa to 729,000 kg. Like Zogo Paul, there are several cases positive examples in the three regions where Telcar and Cargill are implanted.

For Balondona Benoit, a farmer / trainer, the Telcar and Cargill program “has significantly improved the living conditions of cocoa farmers because abundant harvest is significant to more money and a greater opportunity for a daily management. ”

Due to this generalized increase in bonues, the total amount of premiums to be redistributed to farmers this year amounts to more than 2 billion 200 million CFA francs as compared to about 2 billion 191 million CFA francs last year. A symbolic check was thus given to the farmers by the Governor of the Littoral region, Dieudonné Ivaha Diboua.

A cording to the Managing Director of Cargill Africa, Lionnel Soulard, this move by his company towards Cameroonian farmers falls in line with its motto: “Doing what is right, putting humans forward and aim high.” This summarizes the objectives of this approach, which is to improve the living conditions of cocoa farmers and develop the sector.

According to Lionnel Soulard, it is thanks to hardwork that Telcar is today the largest exporter of Cocoa in Cameroon. According to him, Cargill plans to digitalize the cocoa production chain in the nearest future. The payment of 32 million CFA francs by e-money to some winners this September 24 served as an example. In fact, about 50 farmers received their bonus from Orange Money or Express Union Mobile. The other farmers received their bonuses on hand, on the spot.

It should be noted that the calculation of these premiums is based on 50 CFA francs per kilogram of certified cocoa sold. It is therefore sufficient to multiply the number of kilograms of cocoa sold in Telcar by 50 CFA francs to obtain the total amount of premiums.

However, the move by Telcar and Cargill towards farmers is not limited to training and payment of premiums. Both partners have a social coporate responsibility towards the communities where their activities are implanted.

Thus, more than 1000 children are beneficiaries each year from scholarships and school needs. Potable water supply points have also been built in some localities. Female entrepreneurship is also a concern for both companies. For example, in 2016, cassava processing machines were distributed to women to enable them to transform cassava into various forms.

During the ceremony on Monday, September 24, 2018, 34 cooperatives were also awarded diplomas.


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