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Cameroon: The Sacrifice Imposed On Mr Shyne To Take Off In Music

Mr Shyne
Mr Shyne

Invited to the show ‘Faut pas Zapper’ broadcast on Balafon TV on Mondays, the musician-artist looks back on his career and the choices he had to make to be the artist he is today.

His voice lulls and makes one travel. Many have discovered him in the song “A Jamais” featuring Charlotte Dipanda. In four minutes, Mr Shyne carries his fans into the twists and turns of love. Then, less than a week ago, he delivered a new hit entitled “Vas-y” featuring Fanicko. For him to witness such a success, there was a price to pay, a sacrifice to make.
Some may not know it, but Mr Shyne has a great passion for football. Early, he gave himself up to his passion. His talent is unanimous in his surroundings. Some then lend him a great career as a footballer. Those who saw him playing both in his hometown (Bafoussam) or in Douala where he settled in 2008, are amazed.
But, a problem arose. It is the one cling to another passion. Mr Shyne, who growing up, usually attended Sunday church services, is early touched by the music virus. Already at the age of 6, he distinguished himself in the choir of his church. As lover of music, he manages with ease to play musical instruments kept in the church.

Mr Shyne

Mr Shyne

But he prefers to devote himself to football. Except that, it is not the nature’s will. It was then that during a match as he explains, a few years ago, he had a fracture on his shin. This took him a little away from the football fields to bring him closer to studios. “In life, there is a bad for a good. For my musical career to take off, I had to make a sacrifice. As I could not do it on my own, nature did it for me. And I had to take a break from football to focus on my career,” explains Mr Shyne.

Published on 05.05.2023

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