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Cameroon: Therapeutic Education To Tackle Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

This proposal made by Cameroonian doctors makes it possible to avoid possible setbacks of these diseases. They made it known during the health aperitif which took place on April 20 and 21 in Yaounde.

According to the World Health Organization, WHO, in Cameroon, one out of three people suffers from high blood pressure. And 12.78% of deaths are caused by this disease. As for diabetes, according to statistics, one out of 21 Cameroonians has it.

With the upsurge of these illnesses, the WHO has set up some measures to thwart them. It had to do with an increase in taxes to 75% of the retail price of cigarettes, the ban on these products’ advert and a restriction of the retail sale of alcohol.

But the execution of these measures leaves much to be desired. Faced with such a situation, the health body has developed and proposed therapeutic education as a prominent solution.

Its objective is to lead the patient, make him not to feel stigmatized and allow him to be a stakeholder in his treatment. This will allow him to live in an optimal way with the disease.

For Dr. Jérôme Boombhi, cardiologist at the General hospital of Yaounde, it is important to educate the patient on regular physical activity which must extend to a minimum of 150 cumulative minutes per week. But also, a moderate consumption of salt – five grams per week -, sugar and alcohol.

Sharing the same opinion with him, Dr. Martine Etoa, endocrinologist at the Central hospital of Yaoundé. The Doctor thinks that it is necessary to use tools such as images to materialize the replacement foods that are recommended to patients.

Another important tool is the use of social networks such as WhatsApp which helps in monitoring the patient’s therapeutic education.

Doctors also underscored the need to have a medical consultation every three months and to belong to a club or association of patients suffering from the same disease for sharing experience, among other advantages.

On the site of therapeutic education, the pharmaceutical body also plays an important role which is that of mediator. The pharmacist provides support and can refer the patient to a specialist and also ensures mutual understanding with the patient.

In this light, Professor Jean Claude Mbanya, director of the Biotechnology Center, also outlines that to further help patients, it is important to forward research towards the african pharmacopoeia which also abounds in therapeutic virtues. He reminds that all the drugs we use today are derived from herbs or plants.

Published on 05.05.2023

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