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Cameroon: “There Is No Job Called Influencer”

Majoie Ayi underscores some points of corrections and how the concept should be used.

Influencer. This term has become one of the most used by Cameroonian internet users. And there are many of them, whether in the cinema’s environment or that of fashion and even others whose profession remains an unknown.

Notwithstanding that, when they have thousands of followers, they quickly claim the title of influencer. But for the musician artist, Majoie Ayi, influencer is not a job.

She explains the concept, as “indicating any person whose actions touch and impact a large community in his/her field of activity.”

For Majoie Ayi, anyone exercising a profession whether in music, cinema, dance, modeling, fashion or even a politician who gives off an inspiring aura can therefore be considered an influencer.

“So there is no job called influencer. You just become one because of your prominent actions related to your activity”.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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