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Cameroon: There is room for dialogue between Ambazonia leaders and Biya-Eric Chinje

Interviewed by Journal du Cameroun.com, veteran journalist Eric Chinje disclosed part of the discussion he had with Ambazonian leader Julius Tabe Ayuk during his visit at the Kondengui maximum security prison last Tuesday.

Insisting he could not disclose every details of their discursion, Eric Chinje said there was room for both parties to come together and dialogue.

“There is room for Sisiku Tabi Ayuk and Paul Biya to seat across the table from each other and talk….to engage….” Eric Chinje said.

He mentioned the fact that for any negotiation to be made, background work needed to be done in order to identify the two parties ready to involve in negotiations. This work according to him could only be done by a neutral party.

“I believe that due diligence needs to be done, not by a central actor in this process (Government/Ambazonians)…….it could be an internal or external independent group or a friendly Government to help in carrying out a pre-conference review….” The veteran journalist said.

As such, he urged the powers that be to engage with everybody who has an idea that could help put an end to the deepening Anglophone crisis.

“This war in Cameroon whatever we say of it will end one day and it will end at the negotiation table. So, why not do it now than later…..The Government should have the courage to reach out to a neutral party the extremists are willing to accept for negotiations….Beyond those negotiations whatever the outcomes are, that International community should help us implement them” Eric Chinje said.




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