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Cameroon: Thérèse Ndzié Spreads The Scent Of Love

It is the backdrop to the book, “Les fables de Secorra” which has just been published. The author, dips her pen in gentle ink to rock her readers with tales, like in grandmother’s time, around the wood fire.

“If I circle around you, it is to take you with me, my darling. It is to draw you to me, to tell you my love and make you feel the whirlwind that has gripped me. It is to swallow you so that we are only one flesh. I want to become one with you (.. .) Without further ado, take me, darling, into your whirlwind and consume me without moderation,” This is an excerpt of dialogue from the book, “Les fables de Secorra”.

The author puts love at the center of everything, so as to demystify several aspects. But also, to present love as a solution. Thérèse Ndzié Obam Bikoué by the caress of her writings presents love as a tool of elevation and of purity.

Les fables de Secorra

Thérèse Ndzié Obam Bikoué

And several images are thus used to illustrate divine love, the love between men and animals or even plants.

20 fables spread over 129 pages inspired by our daily lives, stories of the peoples of the wildlife and even the Bible that lead the reader to get rid of old fashions while remaining cling to God, piety and his companion.

Some ideas underscoring that it is always up to men to make the first move in love are being challenged. In one of his fables about marriage, it says, “It is the earth that declares its flame to the sun as it revolves around it. And later, he impregnates her and she becomes pregnant. Please darling, try to observe the animal world (…) it is the female in heat that goes to the male. Why won’t human beings do it?” And the author concludes, ‘women, sisters, wives, let’s attack. Let’s no longer be ashamed to love, to confess our feelings to our partners. For, the cells of the male body are the same as those of the female body.’

Besides these rosey stories, it is a collection full of morals. It brings a moral rearmament which can influence behaviors or simply the couple relations. Thérèse Ndzie invites us, for example, to meet Dorine. A hen faithful to her husband, Cana.

But Cana, surprised that his wife tolerates his acts of unfaithfulness, decides to review his positions. Above all, to honor his partner by organizing a party to celebrate her and recognize her value as a wife.

The author wants by this story also to invite the spouses to know how to honor their companion during their lifetime, question of making respect this one especially by the family of the man. But upstream, it is a question for the woman to show all her love for her husband.

The collection of fables is produced by the ifrikiya publishing house and sold for 5,000F.

Published on 30.06.2022

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