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Cameroon: Three human bone traffickers arrested in Yaounde

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Three human bone traffickers from the Central African Republic have been arrested by elements of the National Gendarmerie at the Nkomkana neighbourhood in Yaounde after they had deterred a graveyard in their home country.

According to reports, the traffickers were arrested in prossession of a disjointed human being skeleton which had been reportedly buried some two years ago in Beleko, in the Central African Republic.

Reports say two of the traffickers were first arrested in pocession of human bones following an operation launched by elements of the National Gendarmerie.

According to police sources, further investigations took them to the Eastern region of Cameroon where the third trafficker and gang leader was arrested.

They are said to have exhumed a grave a year ago in Central Africa, brought the skeleton to Cameroon where they intended to market it.

The three men from Central Africa were said to be trafficking human bones especially at the level of the boundaries.

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