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Cameroon: Three journalists slammed suspension sentences for unethical practices

Sismondi Bidjocka, DP RIS radio slammed one month suspension (c) copyright
The Joe Chebonkeng era has begun at the National Communication Council with suspension sentences slammed on journalists for violating professional ethics.


During the media regulatory body’s 28th extraordinary session, the first for the new team led by ace journalist Joe Chebonkeng, the latter outlined the agenda of his mandate, stressing the fact that the law will come down in full force on those who will deviate from the realities of the profession.

“We are not here to muzzle the press nor are we here to sanction individuals, but that doesn’t mean that people who are found guilty of violating professional ethics will not be sanctioned. The law will come down in full force on those who deviate from the realities of what this noble profession calls us to…” Joe Chebonkeng told the NCC members.

The job began right after with the examination of some cases of reported violation of professional ethics pending at the Council.

At the end of deliberations, three journalists were slammed between one to six months suspension, including Sismondi Bidjoka, Director of Publication of RIS radio who was slammed a one month suspension in the case pitting him and honourable Cabral Libii.

The Director of Publication of CONFIDENCE magazine was slammed a six-month suspension alongside the magazine in the case against the Minister of Economy.

In the third case, the Director of Publication for DBS TV was served a warning note and one of the journalists given a one month suspension following the broadcast of unsubstantiated and offensive information, likely to damage the good repute of the French Head of State and that of France’ image during a programme called DBS matin.

The sanctions have fallen and now what many expect is their application to confirm that the new team is up to the task of restoring the authority of the of the media regulatory body undermined in recent years.



Published on 10.02.2021

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