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Cameroon: Three perish in road accident in Littoral region

Crushed side of Cargo transportung tometoes (c) copyright

Three persons are reported dead and many others injured following a ghastly motor accident which occurred in Loum, Moungo Division of the Littoral region of Cameroon, sources have said.

According to reports, the accident occurred last night.

It involved a cargo vehicle transporting fruit tomatoes to Douala and a seventy-seater inter-urban transport bus that left Douala, heading to Foumban in the West region of Cameroon.

According to sources, the accident occurred when both engines violently collided head-on-head in Loum, Moungo Division of the Littoral region of Cameroon, killing three and injuring many others.

Accidents like this one have been recurrent on most of our roads in Cameroon’s big cities. Some have attributed it to the nature of the vehicles involved in the incident and others to the driving styles of those involved.

Published on 28.04.2020

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