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Cameroon: Three gendarmes injured in Mbelenka

Genedarmerie truck in Kumba crushes bike rider and passenger (c) All rights reserved

At lesat three elements of the national gendarmerie are responding to treatment in a health facility in Dschang, West region of Cameroon after they were seriously injured during a clash with separatist fighters in Mbelenka, a locality in the Lebialem Division, South West region.

Sources say the local gendarmerie brigade came under attack from armed separatist fighters early on Thurday leaving at least three injured as the gendarmes succeeded to puch back the assailants.

The injured gendarmes have undergone surgery and are responding to treatment, contrary to information spreading on their demise, a local source in Dschang said.

Thursday’s attacks come on the heels of serious fightings that have been going on in Lebialem since last week as soldiers try to dismantle separatist camps in the area.

Though it is still difficult to establish the exact casualty of the fighting, sources at the Cameroon army have dismissed rumours of the death of a kingpin of the separatist movement in the area.



Published on 28.04.2020

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