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Cameroon: Timid Labour Day turn out in Anglophone regions

Cameroon joined the rest of the world on May 1 to celebrate the International Labour Day but it was not that fanfare in the North West and South West regions as it was the case in other parts of the country.

In an atmosphere of a ‘lockdown’ calledby the Ambazonia separatist movement, the day was marked by tensions in most parts of the North West region with a very low turn out.

First in Bamenda, the day started with gun battles between security forces and separatist fighters in several neighbourhoods like Alakuma, Nchobu, Ntarikon, forcing civilians to stay indoors.

This did not stop the march pass from taking place at the Commercial Avenue with low turn out as just about 25 groups turned out for the event.

A handful of people were also seen marching in Nkambe, Donga Mantung Division of the North West region with the general cry out workers in that part of the country decrying the insecurity which has been hindering most of them from carrying out their activities normally.

In the South West region, the turn out was not equally impressive at the Manga Williams Avenue though the ceremony went on hitch free.

Most workers preferred to stay indoors than brave the ‘lockdown’ imposed by the separatists. At least one person was reported dead in Tiko sub division early in the morning as gunshots were heard, further discouraging many to go out for the event.

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