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Cameroon To Import 42,000 Tonnes Of Sugar Spending Over 11Billions FCFA


This is the subject of the correspondence that the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic , Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, sent on June 3, to the Minister of Commerce.

In this correspondence, the SG of the presidency wrote that the Head of State, Paul Biya, has given his “very high agreement” for the importation , during  the year 2022, of 42,000 tonnes of granulated sugar for household consumption, at the market value of 264,351 FCFA per tonne. Multiplying the price per tonne by the quantity of sugar to be imported, the amount to be spent on this import operation is  11.1 billion FCFA.

In detail, four companies are authorised to import sugar. These are the Ketcha group (15,000 tonnes); Essong Sarl (7,000 tonnes); ”Collectif des importateurs du Nord-ouest et du Sud-ouest” (15,000 tonnes); and Liman et Fils based in Maroua (5,000 tonnes).

The import of sugar should fill the gap created by exports of this essential commodity. In order to stop the bleeding, the Cameroonian government has suspended the export of sugar while waiting for a clearer picture.

In addition, in April, the Société sucrière du Cameroun (Sosucam), the main supplier to the local market, suspended production in its Mbandjock factory for several days. This could have created a production deficit.

Published on 05.05.2023

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