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Cameroon to Issue Electronic Visas

Electronic Visas

The presentation of the online visa registration, processing and issuance procedure was at the Ministry of External Relations on 27th June 2022.



Cameroon is in line with the digitisation of procedures for obtaining visas. Indeed, Cameroon’s embassies and consulates abroad will now be able to respond remotely to requests from travellers to Cameroon. The procedure leading to the issuance of the visa and other documents, no longer requires the physical presence of the applicant at the consular representation of the country.

A new digital system dedicated to the online production of travel documents is being put in place. More than 80 tonnes of equipment have just been shipped to the country to facilitate the implementation of this system. Equipment for the production, authentication and verification of various official documents has also been sent to airports and consulates.

The system for the remote issuance of official travel documents thus solves the problem of delays faced by travellers. It also allows visa applicants to save time by initiating and following the procedure remotely.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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