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Cameroon: Trade Minister debunks reports of hikes in prices of commodities

Trade Minister tours some wholesale shops in Yaounde (c) copyright
The Minister of Trade, Luc Magloire Mbarge Atangana has pointed out that there is no increase in the prices of some basic commodities in the market as published by the press except from flour which is imported.


He was speaking Thursday April 1 after touring some wholesale shops and bakeries in Cameroons political capital Yaounde.

His tour had two main objectives; first to check the availability of some products in the market including rice, meat, sugar and a host of others.

Secondly and most importantly, Minister Mbarga Atangana wanted to make sure the prices of some basic commodities implemented by the government have not increased as reported by some news outlets.

The Minister’s first stop was at Congelcam around the Mokolo neighborhood.

There, he spoke with the manager, Joseph Flavien Kankeu who assured quantity and quality stocks of fish are available in different varieties.

‘’We put in efforts so that every Cameroonian can consume fish and even sell at a cheaper  price  compared to that which has been homologated  by the government.’’ Falvien told the Minister.

‘’We have this Calada bar fish which the Ministry told us to sell at FCFA 1350 according to the  type of tilapia, we sell them at FCFA 1200, when we have the possibility to reduce we do so and this also depends on its  availability in the international market’’ he added.

That notwithstanding, Minister Mbarga Atangana noted that the price of flour which is an imported product has increased.

He added that the Prices of commodities at the international level have increased by 40% and maritime transport on its part has also increased by 20% since the outbreak of the Covid-19.




Published on 10.02.2021

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