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Cameroon: Traditional rulers in West region call for activation of indigenous mechanisms to end Anglophone crisis

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Traditional rulers in the West region of Cameroon have urged their peers from the two troubled English-speaking regions of the country to urgently meet and activate indigenous and customary mechanisms to put an end to the long-lasting Anglophone crisis rocking the regions.

The call is contained in a declaration on the socio-political situation of the country signed by members of the Council of Traditional Rulers from the West region of Cameroon, CCTO last November 19.

In the declaration, the chiefs point out that the military option taken to end violence in the regions has so far shown its limits.

They go further to indicate that the traditional chiefdom has to be involved in the search for a concerted indigenous solution to ensure an effective reconciliation and appeasement of hearts.

In line with the above indication, they have called on their peers from the two hard-hit regions to come together without delay and activate traditional and customary mechanisms necessary to resolve such an internal conflict.

They have equally called on parliamentarians to take their responsibilities as the people’s representatives and put the Anglophone crisis on their agenda during this November parliamentary session to bring their own solutions for a return to normalcy in the two regions.

According to the traditional rulers, the sacrifice of innocent souls in Kumba, Ngarbuh, that of HRH late Esoh Itoh and Molinga Francis Nangoh, that of soldiers and of the many other victims should appeal to the consciences of all to understand that the crisis has lasted for too long and in the process taken away a lot of innocent lives.


Published on 28.04.2020

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