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Cameroon: Transporters call off strike previewed for this Monday

Trade unionists of road transport have called off strike planned to take place this Monday June 10, 2019, across the National territory.

The strike action was annulled Sunday June 9, 2019 after an agreement was arrived at between the leaders of the trade unions and the government, represented by three Ministers.

The Minister of trade, Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana, the Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest Ngalle Bibehe, and the Minister of labour and social security, Gregoire Owona negociated with the leaders of REPTROC, SNTRC, OPSTACL amongst other trade unions.

The transporters had decided to go on a strike because of a number of abuses committed on them by gendarmerie officers, custom officers and mobile weighing station agents. They complained about increase in transportation costs and weighing tax amongst others.

During the meeting, the ministers present on behalf of the government promised amongst others the abolition of weighing taxes, and to put an end to extortions on the highway within the period of 30days.


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