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Cameroon: Transporters send strike notice to government over harsh Covid-19 measures

About 20 road transport unions in Cameroon have sent a strike notice to the Prime Minister of Cameroon, Mr. Joseph Dion Ngute, over the “economic shock” from the harsh anti-Covid-19 measures of the government.The unions recalled the sector’s adherence to the measures put in place by the government with a view to containing the spread of the virus, as well as the need for a meeting in order to explore ways and means that would enable them to bear these constraints, despite their willingness to cope with the measures.

They noted that the government has “further toughened the measures previously decreed, causing great distress within the corporation”.

“To our great surprise and despair of transport professionals, certain measures were further tightened and made public by the Minister of Transport on March 24, 2020,” they said, adding the strict application “will inevitably lead to strangling of the passenger transport sectors of the economy.

The unions are demanding that the government should immediately review the pump price of fuel downward to 400 and 350 CFA francs per liter of super and diesel, compared to 630 and 575 CFA francs currently.

It will be recalled that the government, in addition to requiring the disinfection of public transport vehicles, has decided to reduce from 4 to 3, the number of passengers in city cabs and from 70 to 50 the number of passengers in inter-city transport buses, threatening severe administrative and pecuniary penalties for any offenders.

Published on 28.04.2020

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