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Cameroon/twin elections: ELECAM calls on political parties to appoint representatives for local polling commissions

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Elections Cameroon has called on political parties running for the upcoming February 9, Legislative and municipal elections to appoint representatives for the local polling commissions.

The information is contained in a release signed by the Director General of ELECAM, Erik Essousse.

“In line with voting operations and specifically in reference to local polling commissions for the twin elections February 9, 2020, representatives of political parties running for the above mentioned polls in every council are requested to appoint one representative for each election within the said commission” it reads.

According to the release, each party running is entitled to a single representative for both elections in the local polling commission.

The official launch of the campaigns ahead of the twin elections kickstarts tomorrow Saturday January 25, 2020 and goes in line with section 87 of the Electoral code which stipulates that campaigns are launched fifteen days before the elections date.

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