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Cameroon: two corpses discovered in SW region

The corpses of two persons were disovered in Limbe in two separate locations in an advanced state of decomposition, sources have said.

One of the corpses identified as Fonyuy Christopher was discovered lying on the road around Moliwe village, sources said.

The corpse was without a head but it was still unclear how the man was killed as residents could only identify him with documents found on him. The corpses was ferried to the the mortuary by Council workers, residents said.

The second corpse was discovered in water around the the Catholic Church gardens in Limbe but it was not clear if the man had drowned or had been killed and abandoned in the waters.

Residents said the man, Elangwe Simon, worker at the Limbe Botanic garden had left his house on Friday to attend a wake keep but never returned. His corpse was equally transported to the mortuary for post mortem.

Published on 28.04.2020

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