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Cameroon: Two decomposed corpses discovered in residence in Douala

Two corpses in advanced stages of decomposition were discovered Saturday June 1 in a family residence at the Kotto neighbourhood, Douala, conserved by the owner of the place, a lady reportedly hoping they will one day resurrect.

The lady in question Emaleu Henriette , adept of a revival church reportedly kept the body of her younger sister, Marie Dorothee Ngo who died on the 25th of March 2016 in an area of the house well arranged.

The second body, that of her mother, whose name was given as Marguerite Ngo aged 70 has been kept since 8 days when the later died.

According to Emaleu Henriette, she kept the corpses with the assurance they will one day come back to life.

The son of late Marie Dorothee Ngo happens to be the one who reported the cases to the police. According to him, he was not around when the mother died. When he came back a year ago and discovered what was happening, some family members, convinced the relative will come back to life, persuaded him not to report the case to the police.

It is only after the death of his grand-mother some few days ago that he decided to reveal the story to the public.

According to reports from the scene, Henriette used informal methods to do away with the unpleasant odors.

She was taken to the Regional Divisional judiciary Police of the Littoral where investigations have been opened.

Published on 05.05.2023

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