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Cameroon: Two Employees Of Doctors Without Borders Released On Bail

They had been arrested and imprisoned in Buea, in the South-West region of the country.

The Cameroonian justice suspected the employees of the NGO of complicity with the English-speaking separatists, after having taken care of a patient wounded by bullets. Released, they are now on bail.

Two other Doctors Without Borders workers arrested a few weeks later in the same region and for the same reason, are still in detention.

In April, MSF announced the suspension of its activities in the English-speaking southwest because of these arrests.

Sylvain Groulx, head of operations for the NGO in Central Africa reacted to RFI. “We are happy for our colleagues who can find themselves free today, reuniting with their families, especially since one of the two is seven and a half months pregnant. She needed medical attention for her child.

So we are happy, but it is a provisional release. We do not yet know if they will have criminal charges brought against them or if these charges will be dismissed. It is hoped that the court will make the decision not to continue with the proceedings knowing the information they currently have. Very clearly, our people did nothing wrong.

And also we are worried about our two other colleagues who are still detained for more charges for having done their job and who only care for the Cameroonian population. We hope that we will have the opportunity to have this dialogue with the authorities and that they can give us security assurances so that we can continue our work as quickly as possible.”

The security crisis in the two English-speaking majority regions of Cameroon has lasted for more than five years. DWB provided free care to the population well beyond war wounds. In 2021, for the South-West, 165,000 consultations were carried out, including more than 42,000 for children under the age of five.

Published on 30.06.2022

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