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Cameroon: Two Gendarmes, civilian kidnapped by CAR rebels

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A search is underway for two Cameroonian Gendarmes and a civilian said to have been taken hostage by rebels from Central African Republic after they took a wrong way from the Adamawa region and found themselves in the country currently rocked by crisis.

Reports say they were kidnapped Saturday December 26 by a group of CAR rebels known as the 3R.

They were in the Adamawa region near the border with Central African Republic where Gendarmes have been deployed to ensure security and prevent the crisis in the country from having any effect on Cameroon.

According to security sources in the region, they lost their way and found themselves in CAR where they were taken away alongside their weapons and vehicles.

That same Saturday, a search was launched by security forces in the Adamawa region.

Unconfirmed sources say the rebels have asked for a FCFA 15 million ransom per head for their freedom.

The same source say the rebels have indicated that if the ransom is not paid entirely, they will be released but without their weapons and vehicle.

Published on 03.01.2023

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