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Cameroon: Two kids from same family die, others wounded after school collapses in Ngaoundere

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Two children from the same family have succumbed to the crumbling walls of a primary school in Ngaoundere, Adamawa region of Cameroon after the building collapsed amid heavy rains Thursday August 13 in that part of the country.

Twelve-year old Zendemo Moustapha and his kid sister, Sakina Zendemo have joined their ancestors unexpectedly, leaving their family in total shock.

The two children died Thursday August 13 after the “dilapidated” walls of a primary school in Ngaoundere collapsed on them amid heavy rains.

According to reports, the two victims among others took refuge in the building when the rain started.

When the wind became intense, the walls of the building, reported to be in a dilapidated state crashed on them, killing Moustapha and his kid sister in the process and injuring the others.

The victims were later rushed to the Ngaoundere regional hospital where they are currently receiving treatment and the death bodies to the mortuary.

Published on 28.04.2020

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