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Cameroon: Two Mini Hydro Plants Promised In Widikum

hdro plant
Sample of Mini hydro plant

The Widikum-Boffe Council aims at becoming the first municipality in the Nortwest region to achieve mini hydro plant to fast tract development activities and enhance the livehoods of inhabitants. This initiative was taken by the council area in the Momo Division.


Initiators of the hope-raising project, seeks to fast tract wealth creation and socio-economic dvelopment in all its forms. The 2021 Administrative and Management accouts of the council feature the imminent realization of mini hydro plants in Widikum and Menka.

It is all about initiatives expected to help matters towards  the operation of their giant oil mill project and expected soap factory.

The Mayor, Andoh Stanilas Tambu told says the construction of the mini hydro power plant projects are expeted to takeoff soon and business negotiations are oon course to import Alternators and Turbines from Germany to move the project forward.

Widikum Sub division in the North West region is a vast production basin and the kingdom of palm oil production, cocoa, plantain, and cocoyama. It is against this backdrop that mayor, Andoh Stanilas Tambu believes in the potentials of the municipality to move from C to category B council in performance.

He sounds off with some 100 solar street lamps to show in the capital of the municipality.Construction of some bridges, road works and medical supplies to some health facilities.

Staff salaries have not been regular in recent times and he blames it on delays in the delivery of council Additional Tax from FEICOM.

The ongoing socio politicla and security  crisis has considerably slowed socio-economic activities in Widikum but the council refuse to blame evrything on the crisis.

the hydro plants is a step to encourage population at getting back to work and se the standards high as they will be benfit fro the rural electrification

Source: CT

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