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Cameroon: Two Nso Princes killed in Kumbo

The princes of the Nso clan, Bui Division of the North West region were discovered lying in their own pool of blood on Friday morning in a series of atrocious acts that have occured in Kumbo in the past days.

Fanka Biya and Fondzeyuf Collins Asonaigha were found dead this morning in a neighbourhood around squares in Kumbo but it is still not clear who killed them.

Sources have accused armed groups in the area of killing the duo while others say it was a secret deal turned sour but the exact cause of their death will remain a mystery.

This comes after a series of atrocious acts in Kumbo which has seen at least seven people killed while several houses and property burnt down.

The Fon of Nso was on Monday released after specnding hours in captivity making it the third time he has been kidnapped by armed men in over just two weeks.


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