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Cameroon: Two persons arrested for siphoning gas bottles in Douala

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Two individuals by law enforcement forces for allegedly tampering with gas bottles meant for the market and endangering the lives of others in their neighbourhood.

For several days, a video showing two young men handling cooking gas bootles in a place that looks like a warehouse, has been circulating on social media.

Captured from an elevated place by a curious neighbor, the said video which was widely relayed, ended up attracting the attention of elements of the departmental brigade for the control and repression of fraud in the Wouri Division, who, assistd by the police managed to locate the area which was at the Yassa neighbourhood.

Patrice Dipanda and Anatole Deffo, according to eyewitnesses, were specialised in reducing the amount of gas contained in the 12kg gas bottles before reselling them in the market. The entire stock of domestic gas present on the site was seized by the regional delegation for Water and Energy. It will be auctioned after careful control initiated in order to assess the quality of the product contained in the bottles. As for the two arrested boys, they will be handed over to the Judicial Police for exploitation.

“We will hand them over to the judicial police for investigations to continue because they are the executors. The police will carry out further investigations to find out who are really those behind this network, “Aurelie Sosso, Wouri divisional delegate for trade said.

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